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              We started making our sidecars for the smaller 50cc scooter market since it does not require a motorcycle endorsement in most states.  We have attached our sidecars to all types of different sizes up to 250cc
                One of our largest markets which i never would have guessed when i started this little company a year ago, is mans best friend.  I would have to say 2 out of 3 buyers are using their rigs or hacks to take their dogs with them, rather going to the beach or local dog park,         
                                                                                                                                             Another surprising market is the first time rider who feels a bit more comfortable with 3 wheels rather than 2, and maybe missed the excitement of riding when they were younger,  but its never to late to take up one of the finniest and most affordable ways to get around.   Not to mention saving lots of money at the gas pump.  My Honda metropolitan costs me about 5 dollars to fill the tank and I get close to a 100 miles a gallon even with the sidecar attached. 
        Here is a picture of the detachable bracket we can add to your sidecar frame.  There are two  bolts that tighten around the steel frame as well as one pin to lock it in place. 
This allows you to take the sidecar off the scooter in less than a minute. 
with a crescent wrench, elect drill or socket set.
                           Big update 
          We our in the testing phase of our newest and biggest development in Sidecar history. We have designed a Universal Bracket that will allow our Sidecars  to be mounted on up to 80 percent of All New and Existing Scooters.  Its so easy to mount that it can be installed in less than 5 minutes  with a socket set and your ready to go riding.  I will post pictures by the end of Oct.   And testing should be complete around middle Nov.  for Christmas.        
We can mount our detachable brackets on a lot of different size and models of motor scooters from  49cc  up to 250cc motor scooters. 
Pricing starts at 1,695.00 and comes in four standard colors  Red, Blue, White, and Black.  This includes the frame, tub, dot approved wheel, and folding seat. The detachable bracket option is an additional 195.00 and it allows you to take the sidecar on or off the scooter in under one minute.  For the next 3 months this option will be free.
We currently have custom brackets for Vespa vintage models,  Honda Metropolitans,   and Stella 150cc scooters and our newest model the Honda Ruckus 50cc.
For those hundreds of scooters that we don't have a custom mounting bracket for, we can offer a mounting pipe for the cost of shipping (39.00)    Then you will have to find a welder, machine shop, or custom bike builder in your area to weld it onto the scooter frame at a 90 degree angle.  Our frame will then slide on and pin in place. 
This mounting pipe option may no longer be necessary if the testing on our new Universal mounting Bracket is successful.
              My sidecar story  started about 2 years ago when I started looking for something to ride around Disney Worlds Fort Wilderness RV park about 2 hours up the road.  My 8 year old daughter  and I had annual passes so we would stay at the RV park to save hotel charges and still get all  the benefits of staying on site without the 300 dollar a night hotel rates.  Forty five dollars is a lot nicer on the pocket book and made it an affordable once a month trip for us. After  awhile waiting for buses to get to the ferry, that takes you to the park got a little old. So my first thought was to buy a golf cart like all the other campers,  but i didn't want to pull a trailer behind my RV and then have to park it in a far off lot. 
              I started looking for something i could put on a rack on the back of my RV with its class 3 hitch  and the search began.  I ran into a 1980 vespa p200e with a sidecar and was hooked.  I bought it on ebay, went and picked it up and was having a blast.  Then I got pulled over one day and realized you have to have a Motorcycle endorsement to ride any scooter over 50cc here in Florida.  Back in College at Baylor University in Waco,  Tx   25 years ago I didn't need an endorsement to ride my beat up 750 Yamaha maxim.  So now faced with getting a new license and pushing the extra weight up the custom rack on the back of my RV I decided to look for something in the 50cc range.  I couldn't find anything so a couple of custom bike builder  and pro welder/machine shop friends of mine got together and in a few weekends  I had my second sidecar rig or hack,  mounted on a Honda Metropolitan.
Everytime we would pull into our RV spot we would have people coming from all over asking questions and where can they get one and quite a few offers to trade for a golf cart.  So I got into the sidecar building business and have been having a blast every since. 
                 I have a background in other types of manufacturing so i was able to skip some of the mistakes in the beginning.  I also choose to use quality labor and materials here in America rather than having it built overseas, which means paying a fare price to my guys who are craftsmen  with over 75 years experience in their respectful  trades.  Having learned the hassles of dealing with manufacturing in Mexico back in the 90's.  Its just not worth the trouble and  I am not going to put your son or daughter in one of my sidecars  if i am not willing to put my own daughter in one.   So here we are two years later with a lot of great memories and new friends along the way.   Thankyou for looking and give me a ring I will try not to talk your ear off.  lol  John Barron  
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A new video one of our customers took of their Honda Metropolitan with our sidecar can be found at    Youtube  under   Keltic sidecars   I will try to put a link too it but for now you have to go there and use the search box,  thanks john barron
Welcom to       Keltic Sidecars 
We Manufacture Sidecars for Scooters from 50cc to 250cc.
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